Zaza Pachulia during 2018 NBA season. Source: NBA

Zaza Pachulia has again made his relations with Warriors but not as a player this time. He has joined Warriors as a consultant for NBA 2019 season.

On Thursday Warriors announced Zaza Pachulia as a consultant and Mike Dunleavy was promoted from Junior General Manager to Assistant General Manager.

Pachulia has been part of Warrior’s team in 2017 and 2018 where he led his team to win back to back titles for his team. He was a part of Warrior’s team for 16 years and now he has again associated with them as a consultant.

In the interview, he claimed that he was looking forward to his joining and want to contribute to the team as much as he can in the NBA this season. It is an interesting move by the Warriors to appoint him as a consultant and it remains to be seen whether it will have a positive impact or a negative impact on the play of the team.

He gave only seven appearances in 2018 and now he will be treated as a consultant in 2019 by the Warriors team management.

Other members of management of Warriors team remain the same namely, Mike Brown, Jarron Collins, Bruce Fraser, Ron Adams and Chris DeMarco who is an assistant coach and managing director of the team.



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