Byjus replaces Oppo as Indian Cricket Team Sponsor till 2022.

Byjus has emerged on the top during the bidding of rights of sponsorship of Indian Cricket Team this time. Byjus outperformed OPPO (the previous sponsor from 2017) during the bidding process. OPPO won the rights from Vivo in 2017 for the next five years but they decided to leave the deal midway as they want to make better use of funds right now.

Owing to this decision taken by OPPO to not to continue further BCCI taken out applications for the sponsorship of Indian Cricket Team. Byjus won the battle of sponsorship worth 1079 Crores and with this, they created a history of becoming the first company from the education sector to sponsor the Indian Cricket Team.

Byjus is an education startup which was founded way back in 2011 in Banglore – The city of Startups. Byjus is an online platform for schooling studies where they teach kids about the subjects of schools from bottom to top. So, it’s a very big achievement for an educational company to sponsor the Indian Cricket Team.

Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Ravi Shastri were seen donning the Byjus sponsored jersey during the press conference before the start of the first T-20 match of Paytm series trophy between India and South Africa at Dharamsala. OPPO was sponsor till the West Indies series and India will be starting their home season at Dharamsala with Byjus as their new sponsor.

Let’s have a look at the Indian Cricket Team’s sponsor journey throughout all these years :

  1. In the ’90s Indian team worn the jersey sponsored by “The Wills” and at that Jersey used to change in every single series due to lack of designing.
  2. Sahara Company became Indian Cricket Team sponsor in 2002 and in history of Indian Cricket they are the longest sponsors of the team. Their tenure ended in 2013 and they were paying around 3.34 Crores per match.
  3. Star India was the next company to sponsor the Indian Cricket Team, their tenure spanned for 3 years from 2014-2017. They paid around 1.91 Crores for an ICC match and 60 Lakhs for a bilateral series.
  4. Oppo was the last sponsor of Indian Cricket in this list whose tenure ranged from 2017 to 2019 and losing their rights to Byjus in the second half of 2019.


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