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De Marcus Injures himself for straight third time in 19 months. ©️ Getty Images

DeMarcus cousins have been hit hard by injuries which are looking to threaten their Basketball Careers. The news was out on Thursday that cousins are suffering from torn ACL in left knee which makes them out of the whole season of 2019-20.

If we take a look at the past 19 months they have not been so good and productive for DeMarcus cousins. First, they suffered from a ruptured Achille’s Tendon then were hit by a torn quadriceps and now ACL tear which doesn’t look good from outside for their careers. This information was provided by his agency Excel Management Sports.

In July, DeMarcus cousins signed a one-year $ 3.5 million deal with Los Angeles Lakers in pursue of making Lakers team more stronger. But now Los Angeles Lakers would feel weaker and helpless due to the DeMarcus injuries. It will be a very big loss for the Los Angeles Lakers.

DeMarcus cousins having age on their side should have wanted to play more of the NBA matches as they are most effective Center players of NBA. But fate had other commitments and no one knows how much career-threatening or even career-ending injuries they are. If we look at the numbers they played a full season in 2016-17 where he averaged 27 points and 11 rebounds.

DeMarcus Cousins suffered the ACL injury while doing workouts in Las Vegas and this injury is being claimed as career-threatening for De Marcus Cousins. Basketball champions have not been able to get a deal as a free agent which makes them more vulnerable. Over that with these injury risks, the slim chances of playing an NBA match has got even slimmer.

From the Lakers point of view, this injury is the worst possible start they would have wanted ahead of a pressure-packed season. DeMarcus Cousins is a man with great heart and hopefully, he will fight with his injury and come out of it stronger. Point to be noted is whether this time he will be able to replicate what he has shown for years as ACL injury is expected to take nine to twelve months time for recovery. Which means after 12 months he will be of age 30 in October 2020.

So it remains to be seen whether DeMarcus can fight out his injury or injury will become a career-ending injury for him.



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