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Ronaldo and Messi in action during the match between Juventus vs Barcelona ©️ Reuters

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s on-field rivalry has been impeccable to watch and it’s very rare both of them meet with each other outside the ground of Football. But on Thursday it was the rare chance that happened where both of them were present in a program organised UEFA Champions League Draw in Monaco.

We may have seen the rivalry phase of these two but both of them have mutual respect off the field. If we take a look at recent years this rivalry seems to be coming down as Ronaldo joined Juventus in Italy which meant Messi will be an alone competitor in Spain for Barcelona.

During the interview taken by the show anchor, Ronaldo was cheeky about the rivalry and how they make each other better at different stages of their career. He also said that they didn’t have dinner together but some-day they will consider to have a dine out.

Apart from this incident which involved Messi and Ronaldo, awards were given to players who performed terrifically in the season. Virgi van Dijk plays as a centre back for Liverpool bagged the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year Award and Lucy Bronze bagged the UEFA Women’s Player of the Year Award. Other notable nominations for UEFA Men’s Player of the Year Award were Messi and Ronaldo who were piped by Virgi van Dijk who won this award.

Messi and Ronaldo have bagged five awards between them for the straight last five years. Ronaldo’s first season in Italy after joining Juventus from Real Madrid brought him a Serie A winners’ medal, but the Turin giants suffered a shock Champions League quarter-final loss to Ajax.


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