Neves scores an equalizer

It has been the talk of the town that Inter Milan is optimistic that they will finalise the deal of signing Alexis Sanchez against loan this summer as the rumours suggest told by Sky Sports in Italy.

He joined Manchester United after leaving Arsenal last summer but he played 32 matches and was only able to convert three goals last summer, so the form could be a major concern of thinking before Inter Milan sign Alexis Sanchez.

In recent Premier League, he played a match against Crystal Palace which Manchester United eventually lost by 2-1, in that match he sustained a thigh injury and further examinations are being done on that. His performance was well under par in that match which was held this weekend.

His companion Romelu Lukaku is another player who shifted from Manchester United to Inter Milan this summer and he could be next one to join him this summer in Serie A in Italy.

He has played 130 international games for his country Chile where he had an outstanding tournament in America and helped out his team to reach the semi-finals but he was ruled out of further matches due to an injury he suffered while playing the semi-finals.

Transfer Market in Football is still wide open and many deals are being done in Europe. Moreover, many players who are currently playing in the Premier League are still fit and available to move to different clubs. From here on it will get interesting which club finds a better player for themselves.

If Inter Milan signs him for their side this summer it will be a risky and interesting move to see whether he can stand up to the expectations which have been abided by him or not. This summer will be the hottest transfer if it happens to be and that on the term of the loan.


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