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De Marcus Injures himself for straight third time in 19 months. ©️ Getty Images

The Bad days continue to grow for DeMarcus Cousins, firstly in his professional life and now he is having some disputes in his Personal life too. According to the reports coming out it is being said that Cousins has tried to threaten his ex-Girlfriend and for which he has been issued an arrest warrant against him.

In media, a recording has been released in which it is found that DeMarcus Cousins was threatening his ex-girlfriend. Alabama Police has issued an arrest warrant against him and domestic violence charge has been posed against him. Police have identified it as third-degree harassment.

The warrant comes after Christy West, Cousins’s ex-girlfriend and the mother of his 7-year-old son, said in a police report and court documents—which were filed in an effort to enact a restraining order against Cousins—that he has threatened and choked her.

The investigation was done against DeMarcus Cousins immediately after Christy West told police that she was threatened by him moreover she provided the recording to policemen. In the recording, Policemen found the man who was talking to Christy West “I’m going to ask you this one more time before I take it to another level,” the man says. When the woman says no, the man tells the woman he would “make sure” to “put a bullet in your fucking head.”

Speculations are that according to the Law of Alabama, this type of harassment is treated under Class C which means it is domestic violence and DeMarcus could end up in jail for one year and a fine of $ 6,000 for the offence he did.

After spending the first six years and a half years of his career in Sacramento, Cousins has been a member of three teams in the past three years, though he missed most of last season due to a torn Achilles. Cousins also suffered a torn left quad in the first round of last season’s playoffs and sat out until the NBA Finals.




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