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Indian Cricket has seen many cricketers emerging as legends of the game in the last decade or so which eventually made Indians proud. But some unluckiest player who mastered the art of Domestic cricket was overshadowed by the greats.

Yes, you got it right in this edition we are going to have a look at the notable legends of domestic cricket but never got a chance to play for the nation in their long spanned careers.

1. Amol Muzumdar

Amol Muzumdar tops our list as he has been appointed as interim South Africa’s batting coach. He is one the greatest domestic player India has seen but he was unlucky to not to get a chance to play for the nation. He scored 11,667 runs with an average of 48.1 in his whole domestic career.

2. V Sivaramakrishnan

He is one of those players who had a sound technique in his gameplay with a great calmness in his mind too. With all this, he had a great technique of fielding at short leg too. 6000+ domestic runs are scored by him but he never got a chance to feature at International level.

3. Hari Gidwani

Again one of the finest players ever produced in the domestic circuit. He played for Bihar and Delhi in the 70s and was a useful leg spinner at that point of time. But he had the same story of not featuring in Indian jersey.

4. KP Bhaskar

KP Bhaskar is the rare batsmen who averaged above 50 in his first-class career. While playing for Delhi he amassed 5,443 runs at an average of 52.80. He played for Delhi as a middle-order batsman and finished his career with Delhi only and not tasting the success of International stage.

5. Rajinder Goel

Rajinder Goel was Murlidharan of Indian domestic circuit and he was a giant killer during that time. He was a left-arm spinner who had an amazing record of staggering 750 wickets. The great Sunil Gavaskar admired him as his role model.

So here we come to an end to our list of unluckiest players who didn't feature in
the Indian Jersey.



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