USA and Australian Basketball team in action.

FIBA World Cup is going to start from 31st August 2019 in China where China and the USA basketball team is going to feature in the very first game of the tournament. The USA basketball team would be looking to seize the opportunity and win the gold medal this year also.

What is FIBA World Cup 2019?

It is a tournament where 32 Teams take part with one aim of winning the Gold Medal. 32 teams have flown to China to play the tournament and eight groups have been made with four teams each. Top two teams from each group will move to the second round.

FIBA is conducted in every four years just like the World Cup is held but in 2018 FIBA World Cup was postponed to 2019. The reason was that the organising committee of FIBA World Cup didn’t want the dates to clash with last year FIFA World Cup. Therefore, Basketball FIBA World Cup was postponed for next year.

Teams playing in this FIBA World Cup

  • Group A: China (hosts), Venezuela, Poland, Ivory Coast
  • Group B: Russia, Argentina, South Korea, Nigeria
  • Group C: Spain, Iran, Puerto Rico, Tunisia
  • Group D: Angola, Philippines, Italy, Serbia
  • Group E: United States, Turkey, Czech Republic, Japan
  • Group F: Greece, New Zealand, Brazil, Montenegro
  • Group G: Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Jordan
  • Group H: Canada, Senegal, Lithuania, Australia

Who can win the FIBA World Cup?

The USA basketball team has been underperforming this season but still, they are the tournament favourites and they will be looking to continue their dominance in this World Cup too. Serbia is also a very strong contender for the World Cup and they will be looking to compete at very strong skill sets.

It is going to be an interesting season this time around and basketball will be played at a very high level. We will be witnessing some high clash games during the World Cup.


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