Doug McDermott in Action ©️ NBA

India has been fortunate this year that we as Indians will be witnessing the NBA action live in India for the very first time in the Indian history. Indiana Pacers will be playing the game in India in 2019 against Sacramento Kings and this event will go straight into books of history.

In this section, we are going to take a look at Doug McDermott an integral part of Indiana Pacers team. He is a small forward and considered as one of the best three-point shooters among both the teams in the NBA in India.

McDermott was picked up by Denver Nuggets  Wayback in 2014 but after that, he was traded to Chicago Bulls in 2014 only. His NBA career has been diverse one as for two and a half years he played for bulls but after 2016 he has played for four different franchises.

In 2017 he was drafted to Oklahoma City Thunder club but in next season he was traded again to New York Knicks in 2018. And his caravan shifted to Indiana Pacers in 2019 when they signed up a deal of 3 years worth $ 22 million. So, at least for three years now he will be attached with the same franchise and don’t have to shift his base every year.

He has been a modern great of this era and his journey to NBA can’t be explained in words. He could prove to be a great asset for the Indiana Pacers team for the next three years in NBA and help them to win the title.

He has not played a competitive match for a long time now which can be a huge concern for the Indiana pacers but if numbers are to be believed by then he scores a three-pointer in every 2.7 attempts which is a staggering asset for any team.

A loophole that can be found in his defensive game as the numbers are not so impressing and he could improve on it in before the start of the season.

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