The USA basketball team almost got a major setback from Turkey while playing the must-win game of Group E. Eventually the USA Basketball team emerged as winners against Turkey by smallest of margins. The USA basketball team won the game by 93-92 to qualify for the second round.

The game between USA and Turkey was not for the weak-hearted as many up and downs were seen throughout the game. It was in the last few seconds when the Americans saved themselves from being embarrassed.

Just nine seconds were left in the game and Turkey was leading the game by 92-91 and Americans heart would be in there mouth by that time. And those nine seconds were so eventful that everything happened in those 9 seconds. Jayson Tatum was the one who claimed a foul when 2 seconds were left in the game.

The chance which was just possible due to the foul was eventually converted and Americans were saved from embarrassment. The two free throws which were awarded to Americans were scored calmly by him and it resulted in the lead of 93-92 just when two seconds were left in the game.

Rampage didn’t end there too and it was extended till the buzzer was not pressed. Just after scoring the free throws Turkey created a chance in the last two seconds too where Ersan Ilyasova missed a three-pointer just by millimetres when the buzzer was pressed.

If turning point has to be claimed then it would be possibly the moment when Turkey missed the free throws. The major difference between the USA and Turkey was 14 three-pointer scored by Americans and latter scoring just 10 which made the difference in the end.

Now, the USA  Basketball team next game is against Japan which has been winless in the tournament so far and they would like to win the game against them to boost their confidence and then advance to next round of the tournament.


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