Former Pakistan fast-bowler Wasim Akram has opined that the International Cricket Council (ICC) should not host the T20 World Cup as per schedule.

We saw the last edition of the tournament back in 2016 and it was supposed to be held again in October-November this year in Australia.

The ICC are supposed to take a final call on the future of the tournament in their meeting on June 10. There are still a lot of travel restrictions in play and the ICC needs to discuss whether they can handle a tedious task like getting all the teams down to Australia in this situation.

“Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea. I mean, how could you have a cricket World Cup without spectators,” Akram told ‘The News’ on Thursday, according to news agency PTI.

“A World Cup is all about big crowds, spectators coming from all parts of the globe to support their teams. It’s all about atmosphere and you cannot get it behind closed doors,” he said.

The ICC, however, is also considering various contingency plans, one of which includes postponing the tournament. Akram also thinks that this is the call that ICC should take.

“So I believe that they (ICC) should wait for a more suitable time and once this pandemic subsides and restrictions are eased then we can have a proper World Cup,” he said.

Akram also shared his opinion on the imposed ban on usage of saliva in shining the ball. The former left-arm pacer believes that the ICC needs to find a good alternative method soon as using sweat alone to shine the ball won’t be enough.

“I’m sure fast bowlers won’t like it if they are stopped from using saliva to shine the ball. They are allowing sweat but I can say for sure that it isn’t the same,” he said.

“You shine the ball with saliva and sweat is just something of an add-on, a top-up. Too much use of sweat will leave the cricket ball too wet,” he added.

“I believe that they will need to find a reasonable solution. But I would say that they will need to find a quick fix to this problem,” Akram was quoted as saying.


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