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Liverpool Teammates celebrating the UEFA Champions trophy

Liverpool yet again won another match of football and third consecutive win for them this season. And when they looked they were down and out of a particular game, every time a player stood up and took the responsibility to win the game even from fussy situations.

Last night was no different for the Liverpool team as they have fought really hard against Southampton to win the game by a margin of 2-1 on the Southampton’s home ground. It was a heck of a thriller which had many ups and down where no one was a sure winner of the game. But it was 71st minute when Liverpool doubled up their lead and could breathe easily.

As soon as they felt the game was in their hands, out of nowhere Liverpool’s goalkeeper Adrian did a mistake by kicking the ball directly to opposition’s striker Danny and Southampton got a ray of hope to get back into the game by converting the opportunity into a goal.

Now their campaign moves to their own home ground and they will be waiting for Arsenal’s visit next weekend on Saturday.

Top 3 Talking Points of Liverpool’s Win

1. Sadio Mane

Senegalese forward Sadio Mane is a consistent performer for Liverpool team but over the years he is not getting the attention that he should be achieving. He has been delivering goals for the team on a consistent basis and numbers prove that.

In 161 matches he played for Liverpool, Mane has scored 67 goals and made 23 assists which means he is making an assist or goal contribution of 1.7 per every game. These numbers are not by any means poor, they are really of a player of high-quality standards.

Last season too when his teammates needed him most he scored 22 goals for his team.

2. Adrian – Liverpool’s Goal Keeper

Liverpool’s first-choice goalkeeper Allison got injured in the first match itself due to a calf injury. That provided an opportunity for Adrian to grab it with both hands. He did perfectly the same in the previous match saving a goal during a shoot out and became a superhero.

But the match against Southampton he made a howler by kicking the ball directly to the opposition striker Danny Ings and conceding a goal to Southampton.

3.  Danny Ings

Danny Ings was up against the club which sold him in £ 17 million this summer. He came as a substitute in a match against Liverpool and was given about 26 minutes to produce magic and score a goal for his side. In this duration, he scored a goal of Adrian’s mistake in the penalty area and gave the hope to hosts that they can win the match but eventually they lost by 2-1.

Danny Ings will be hoping he gets more opportunities this season and proves his mantle by scoring more goals in the competition.


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