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The National Basketball Association(NBA) is the biggest league across the globe. With a 73-year rich history so far, the tournament has scaled a monumental height in terms of popularity and fan-following, besides witnessing several epic moments over the years.

However, there have been certain embarrassing records which got scripted by players as well as teams. Here are the Moments of Embarrassing records as follows:

1. Kobe Bryant has the most number of misses.

Hits and Misses are part of every sport. However, missing field goals quite regularly is certainly embarrassing.

The record for the most number of missed field goals in the tournament’s history lies with Kobe Bryant. He played for Los Angeles Lakers from 1996 to 2016, where Bryant missed about 14,482 chances to score the basket. He left the record behind made by John Havlicek who missed about 13,417 chance in the NBA.

2. Baltimore Bullets: Worst Tally to Qualify for Playoffs

Even the best teams endure a couple of bad seasons. However, there have been instances when a team which is facing a tough time has still qualified for the playoffs. Interestingly, Baltimore Bullets during the 1952-53 season managed to qualify for the playoffs with a tally of 16-54.

However, they lost to New York Knicks in the opening game of the season.

3. Chicago Bulls: Minimum Points in a Single Game.

Chicago Bulls have won the NBA Championship for six times in the history of the tournament.

However, they also have an embarrassing record to their name in the history of the NBA. They have a record of collecting the minimum number of points in a single game. In April 1999 when they were playing against Miami Heat at home in the United Centre the hosts lost to visitors by 49-82 which is the worst shot-clock era.

So that’s it from the Part – I of Most Embarrassing Records of NBA till Now. Stay tuned with Part – II for Most Embarrassing Records of NBA will be back shortly.


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