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Ronaldo and Messi in action during the match between Juventus vs Barcelona ©️ Reuters

In the labs of the University of Leuven, a supercomputer proved that Lionel Messi is twice good as Ronaldo. Belgian scientist at the University of Leuven has given the statement for which they have used the data of games played between 2013-2018 where they took each action into play and then made the decision about it.

In this algorithm, the scientists have taken every action of a player on the field into account for the matches that have been played between 2013 and 2018. It could be anything from forward press pass, a cross, a tackle or anything. All the actions were given some points according to the increase or decrease in the probability of a goal being scored at the end of each game.

All the process was known as VAEP ( Valuing Actions by Estimating Probabilities ) using which points of every game were accumulated and averaged out from 2013 to 2018 season. The experiment done on data ended up resulting in Messi getting VAEP score of 1.21 and on the flip of it, Ronaldo got 0.61 points which are half of Messi’s score.

If in reality, we consider stats of Messi he played five seasons for Barcelona during the 2013-2018 period where he scored 167 goals and made somewhat about 66 assists. He also led his side to win three championship title during the five years.

On the other hand, Ronaldo played for Real Madrid during the five-year span where he scored 165 goals and 47 assists during 2013-2018. he led his club to win the title only once during that period.

So, supercomputer puts the debate to rest where algorithms mathematically proved that Messi is double good of Ronaldo. Now there may be no further debates on who the best player is. Overall no-one should compare both of them as they are classy players for their respective sides and enjoy their games forever.


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