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We are back with another part of Most Embarrassing Records in the History of NBA. We will be continuing with the second part of this write-up. NBA has been a fascinating tournament so far with may ups and downs. Many players came emerged as legends and some players fade off with time.

Many proud moments come in the way of teams and players but on this beautiful journey, there may be some hiccups during the course. So we are here to talk about those hiccups in this session. Here are the Most Embarrassing Moments in the History of NBA:

Most Embarrassing Records of NBA Till Now: Part 1 

1. Rasheed Wallace: Most Technical Fouls in a Season

Fouls are part of every game and the gravity of the same varies, owing to the temper level of players. The unwanted record for the most number of technical fouls in the season stands with Rasheed Wallace, who scripted 41 fouls during the 2000-01 season.

Interestingly, with players being currently suspended for the season following their 16th foul and this record may live forever.

2. Charlotte Bobcats: Worst Win-Loss Record in a Season

Things can get extremely embarrassing in case of more losses than wins. On the same note, a record for the worst season considering win-loss ratio stands with Charlotte Bobcats. It happened in the 2011-12 season of NBA where they lost final 23 games of the NBA season and ended up with a tally of 7-59 surpassing the record of Philapedia 76ers 1972-73 record of 9-73.

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