USA and Australian Basketball team in action.

Finally, the day has arrived when all the plans and practice did in the last four years by the USA basketball team will come into reality. Now, the time has came all the skill sets and pressure handling techniques will be tested.

Yes, the USA basketball team has reached the Chinese shore for the FIBA World Cup 2019 and in no time they will play their first game of the World Cup with the expectation of defending their World Cup title this year.

Men’s basketball team has travelled from Sydney to Shanghai and they landed on Thursday with the first game to be played on this Sunday. It was a 10-hour long flight and could have been tiring for the players, so the gap between the matchday would be beneficial for the rest of their players.

When they reached the airport it was raining out there and some fans were waiting for the USA basketball team outside the hotel, who were in hope of getting some autographs from their favourite players.

“It’s kicked in,” U.S. guard Kemba Walker of the Boston Celtics said after practice. “The next game we play, it’s the real thing. We’re focused, we’re locked in and we’re ready to play.”

“I think we’re good,” said Mitchell, the Utah Jazz standout who has seen quite a following in China on his past trips to the basketball-crazed nation. “I think we’re doing well. We got here and guys’ energy in practice was great, guys were sharp. When you start to worry about how much we’ve been travelling, that’s when it starts to become a mental thing.”

Now with the USA basketball team landed in China after comprehensively winning the warmup games against Australia, Canada and Spain their self-confidence will be really high. It will be very interesting to see whether they will be able to impress in the World Cup or not.



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