Delhi Dynamos Changed their base from Delhi to Odisha ©️ The Hindu

Finally, Delhi Dynamos have changed their base from Delhi to Odisha for this year ISL. Delhi Dynamos Director explains the issue with New Delhi as a base for their franchise and plans for the newly adopted home. Delhi Dynamos have been rebranded as Odisha FC after the club signed a long-term agreement with Odisha State Government on Saturday.

The agreement with State Government says that they will be providing Kalinga Stadium and training pitches free of cost. They will also provide the lodging facilities for the club which Rohan said in the interview with Hindu.

The club found it difficult to attract crowds in New Delhi. How do you plan on tackling that aspect in Bhubaneswar?

Delhi was a very big city and even though we had a lot of programs, one of our shortcomings was community engagement. Bhubaneswar is a smaller area and we can do more and pack more in a smaller area. I want to make sure that this club feels like an Odia club, that’s why I didn’t want it to have a western name. I am very admirable of how FC Goa made itself a Goan club and I want to do the same. I want to make this feel like an Odia club so that no matter if you’re a driver or a miner or a student, you feel like this is your club. I don’t want it to seem like a gimmick. Now that we are here, we’re here, and we are not going back.

People showed the mixed reactions to the decision taken by Delhi Dynamos Management as some say they did for money and some say what they did was in respect of the game. It is a never-ending debate but on a serious note, they were not getting the fan following in Delhi which should they have got.


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