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August is generally that part of summers in the United Kingdom when families get a break from their work and school during summer holidays in this month. But if we look at the Premier League footballers who work for their respective clubs without any holidays for more than 12 months then it isn’t really harsh on them.

They have to be on the road for straight twelve months without getting any proper break for them so that they can spend their time with families and get time to recover the tiredness of their body. So in this section, we are going to analyze whether Premier League footballers are getting an adequate amount of break to recover themselves.

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How much time a player gets to rest in reality?

Many of the Premier League players had an official holiday after the last match on 12th May. But some clubs like Manchester City and Watford which were about to play the finals had a long weekend and the same situation was faced by Liverpool and Tottenham players whose game was on 1st June.

Players like Mane, Pogba plays for other clubs like Nations League, Copa America etc. which increase the load on their bodies. Result of which Mane during 2018-19 played 57 domestic, European and International fixtures in 11 months. He also claimed that he has been the road for so long that even a 20-day break is not received by him in 12 months.

It’s not just about playing the game but in off-season players who are not playing the big tournaments have to train harder during the off-season and it also takes away the opportunity of a break from the hectic schedule to get their mind refreshed.

Footballers comments on the Holidays

English Premier League says that contract players are given five-week holidays which has to be taken at a particular point of time or it’s the right of their respective clubs to decide when the players should be given break keeping in mind about the International and Club’s commitment.

# Fact: Mane and Son Heung-Min played 78 matches collectively and travelled for more than 1,10,000 km while playing for South Korea.

Is it too Harsh on players?

The number of matches gets increased during the summer holidays and for players, these holidays get over. Similarly, on the eve of Christmas, they get holed out to Boxing Day Match which makes the player stay away from their families during the festivals too. It seems to be really harsh on them but if you on the other side of it, if players do not practice anymore and don’t play any more matches it will have a straight effect on this beautiful game. So it is sometimes really harsh on them but eventually, it is the profit of player and the game to play more matches to keep enhancing their skill sets.


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