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The biggest trade will be on the cards for this Premier League season reports suggest that Luis Suarez is going to be traded and he will join the Juventus this season. Let see what’s the talk in the town for this season.

Juventus are looking for the most implacable swap of Luis Suarez from Barcelona to Juventus and in trade, Juventus might be giving one their stars to Barcelona.

There have been some talks between the two clubs about what trade can be done between the two sides and what’s the good possibilities of trading players.

According to the reports, this summer Juventus will be releasing or trading Paulao Dybala to Barcelona for Luis Suarez in return. If reports are to believed then it will be the potential swap between the two teams and it will be termed as the biggest trade of this summer of Premier League.

These reports seem to be true when we see the news that Luis Suarez frustration is growing over Barcelona and he is trying to leave the club this summer and it is believed that he might join his former club Ajax this summer for Premier League.

Well, the situation for Barcelona looks bleak as Lionel Messi is also looking to leave the club so Barcelona might be up to bring Christanio Ronaldo in their team and they would have to switch that Catalonia.

PSG is also in the race for the swap of players as they are looking for the replacement of Neymar in the Transfer market and they are in search of Dybala to get him in their power-packed for this summer of Premier League.

The transfer market is really getting interesting day by day and it is going to be a great showdown once the Premier League starts this summers as most of the teams will have the new faces in the squads.


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