1. Tanguy Ndombele

He is an excellent midfielder and provides a great skill set into the game. He has great dribbling skills and can press forward with great intent. At the age of 22 only he is a great footballer and will help the Tottenham in midfield.

2. Youri Tielemans

He was picked by Leicester in 35 pounds and it could be a game-changing decision by the Leicester club. He was a hot pick during the transfer window.`

3. Nicolas Pepe

Nicolas Pepe was selected by Arsenal in 72 million pounds and Arsenal has spent way too much on a single player. He is really an exciting pick for the club but it remains to be seen whether he could become a match-winning player for the Arsenal. He has scored 23 goals and converted 11 penalties last season.

4. Rodri

Rodri was traded for 63 million pounds by Manchester City and it was the best pick for them as they have been searching Fernandinho’s replacement from the last two years and he could be a pivotal option in the Manchester City’s defence.

5. Daniel James

Daniel James – the man who renovated himself and made a comeback with a greater intensity was picked by Manchester United this season for 15 million pounds. He could be the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle.

6. Pablo Fornals

West Hamptonshire traded Pablo Fornals for 24 million pounds. They didn’t need another midfielder in their team where they have a power packed midfielders in their team. He had the highest assists in La Liga and he could be a pivotal player as a substitute for the team.

So these are the top six signings for this Premier League season of 2019 we hope to see cracker of matches this season. And each and every player of the team should contribute and play at their best so fans can experience a great time watching the game of Football.


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