USA and Australian Basketball team in action.

After 13 years and 78 games finally, Australian Basketball team comes to the fore and defeats USA Basketball team after a very long time at Marvel Stadium. Yesterday, two records were created out of which the first one was made by crowd and second by the Australian basketball team.

The match took place at Marvel Stadium, Melbourne where crowd hit the maximum of 52,079 people in the stadium in the history of the basketball game ever played in the country. Also, Australia beat the USA basketball team after 13 years and 78 matches winning streak which the USA basketball team gained way back in 2006.

Patty Mills who plays for San Antonio Spurs team and they are coached by the USA basketball team’s coach Gregg Popovich became the wreck-in-chief for the Americans. He scored highest points in the game i.e 30 points out of which 13 points came in the fourth quarter where he scored many tough points in the quarter. In the last three minutes, he was the only Australian to score the points for his team.

This loss makes the honours for the USA basketball team even-stevens. The USA next opponent for their last warm-up game before the start of FIBA World Cup 2019 is Canada basketball team who are in red hot form. The USA basketball team will be up against Canada on Monday in front of the Australian crowd in Sydney and they will really test the USA’s skill sets.

Being a warm-up game fans turnover on the weekend was absolutely fantastic and no-one treated it as a warm-up game for sure especially Australians who won the game against Americans after the wait of long 13 years and 78 games.


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