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Serge Ibaka in Republic of Congo after winning trophy ©️ Twitter

Serge Ibaka who is an important player of the Toronto Raptors had great ups and downs in his Basketball career. It’s a fairy tale kind of story for him and on Saturday it was an emotional moment for Serge Ibaka. On Saturday after winning the Larry O’Brien Trophy he went to the restaurant where he started his journey of becoming from rags to riches.

So it’s a story of a man who won the Larry O’Brien Trophy, a man who has never thought that this kind of day will come into his life. Last night was no different where Serge Ibaka went to his country Republic of Congo in Brazaville streets to eat the food in the restaurant where he used to eat the leftover meals once upon a time.

From begging for the meal to the winner of the Larry O’Brien Trophy, Serge Ibaka has come down a long way in his journey. It is none less than a fairy tale but it is not a magic that happened over the years. It was his hard work which has brought him a long way in his Basket Ball Journey.

Tweet by Serge Ibaka: NBA Champion

It was during the Second Congo War that he left his country so that he can excel in the field of Basketball. First, he played for a second division Basketball team in France and then he went to make his career in Spain.

The very talented NBA champion Serge Ibaka was legally a citizen of Spain in 2011 and he returned the favour to Spain by winning them a Silver Medal in the Olympics event held in London.

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