Joakim Noah in Action during 2014 ©️ SportsKeeda

The Houston Rockets has been eliminated by Golden State Warriors for the fourth time in five seasons in the postseason which has led to the downfall of their Moral during that period. And now they enter into the 2019 postseason with a shaky Mindset.

According to the sources, there was some rift between Chris Paul and James Harden for the Locker room which was also the reason for Houston Rockets to get eliminated from the postseason. It needs to be solved immediately otherwise controversy can take a bigger route in this case.

Rumours are spreading that the Oklahoma City Thunder’s end has been a silver lining for the Houston Rockets. Paul George was transferred to Los Angeles and most importantly Russel Westbrook has been released to earn a place in Houston. And the controversy between Chris Paul and James Harden looks to be solved as Rockets immediately released Chris Paul to Oklahoma City.

With Westbrook and Harden united Rockets can assume a better play from their side in the next season. It has given a great boost to Rocket’s confidence as they start to feel they can win the title this season. But they also have their own set of problems which needs to be solved with immediate effect. Many free agents are still available in the market with significant experience, they would be looking to resolve this issue.

Best Agents Available for Center Shortage: NBA

  1.  Marcin Gortat

                                                      Martin Gortat in action ©️ Sportskeeda

Marcin Gortat is one of the finest players in this modern era and is regarded as modern greats of the Basketball. A few seasons ago he had doubled his average. He made this record while playing for Washington Wizards and this veteran still has capabilities to get the job done at both ends.

Gortat is just getting closer to his career’s end with age not being on his side anymore but he could be a match-winner for Rockets and solve their centre problem for 2019-20 season. His competitive attitude can help Houston Rockets to become title contender this season.

2. Amir Johnson

                                          Amir Johnson in action in NBA ©️ SportsKeeda

Amir Johnson a child prodigy in NBA who was selected at the age of just 18 years in 2005. There is no looking back since then he has featured in over 800 season games. In his career, he has terrific numbers to his name with respect to his averages and rebounds. He just had a successful season with Philadelphia 76ers  and it is believed that at the age of 32 he was still 3-4 years to play the game for Houston Rockets and provide them with a much-needed boost.

3. Joakim Noah

                          Joakim Noah had a fantastic season in 2014 ©️ SportsKeeda

If we go way back in 2014, Joakin Noah was the star player of NBA and he was giving back to back stellar performances for his team. And later in 2014, he went onto getting featured in the All-NBA First team. But time has changed now and he is finding a team so that he can save his career. His injury issues and limited skills led to his downfall. However, his defensive skills can’t be questioned which can help the Rosters to make strong their defensive game.





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