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Joel Embiid has decided to donate his salary for the cause of coronavirus and his decision tempted Philadephia 76ers to change their decision of slashing their salaries. Before Joel’s statement, Philadephia 76ers announced that their employees will have to face a 20% reduction in their salaries but for now it seems that they have changed their minds.

But many people in the country didn’t find the decision viable and started tweeting about their net worth to criticize Joel Embiid’s move. Below are some reactions from Twitter.

After a few hours of tweet war, Philadephia 76ers announced that they will be donating $500k in lieu of COVID-19 relief and salaries of the employees will not take a cut. They realised their mistake and corrected it in a very short span of time.

“After listening to our staff and players, it’s clear that was the wrong decision. We have reversed it and will be paying these employees their full salary,” the Sixers said in a statement. “We have reversed it and will be paying these employees full salaries.”

“To our staff and fans, I apologize for getting this wrong,” the statement also read.



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