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Match Winners are present in every NBA team who can turn the fate of the game on their head. This type of player is generally termed as “X-Factor” of a team. Now with match-winners term explained it’s time to list out and analyze the potential X-Factors of every team.

1. Trae Young ( Atlanta Hawks )

He may not have started as an All-Star player but by the end of last season, he looked much-improved player of the season. If he comes in the season with the full form then he could be potentially a match-winner for the Hawks this season.

2. Jayson Tatum ( Boston Celtics )

His first season was astonishing one but the second season of the NBA wasn’t that too great for him. With all the legends not part of Celtics it’s the time for Tatum to step up to the occasion and lead his team from the front and it could be a career-defining season for him.

3. Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets)

Last time around he was playing for Boston and he was not able to play at his full potential as his teammates were not playing a well-documented game last season. But in NBA 2019 he will be playing for Brooklyn which gives him a new start and he will be looking to make up the most of the opportunity provided to him this season.

4. Russell Westbrook

Westbrook had a very successful run in Oklahoma City, but ultimately he was unable to win a title during his time there. Now entering his first season in Houston, it will be up to Westbrook to figure out how he can best fit in with the style of play that James Harden and the Rockets have established over the years. If he can mesh with the team, they could be extremely dangerous. If not, things could go south quickly.

So these are the players who can potentially be a match-winner for their respective teams in this NBA season 2019.


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