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Paul Pogba Midfielder for Manchester United. Source: Getty Images

Paul Pogba the Midfielder of Manchester United had a disastrous last night as he failed to convert a penalty due to which Manchester United had to settle for a draw against Wolves at Molineux. Due to that event, he had to face a lot of criticism for not converting a penalty.

Paul Pogba was racially abused on Social Media after the penalty incident. It is for the straight third time in the past seven days that a football player is being criticized on social media.

If we look back at the last weekend Tammy Abraham also faced the heat after the game against Liverpool as he failed to convert the spot-kick in UEFA Super Cup which eventually led to the loss of Chelsea against Liverpool.

Manchester United is very annoyed with the actions they saw on social media and they claimed this racial abuse as disgusting. Everyone at Manchester United is with Paul Pogba and a definite strong action will be taken against people who are spreading this racism in this modern Era.

The famous striker Yakou Meite was also not left behind in the racism. He shared the pictures of the messages that were sent to him and showed the world how he was being criticized through the offensive racial messages.

Manchester United was not very pleased with all the actions that were going on social media and the have pledged that strong collective action will be taken all the people.

In the press release, Manchester United said these views presented on social media are sole of the individuals. It doesn’t represent the value of the great club. They were totally against all the views expressed against social media.

Also, Manchester United claimed that even one per cent of racism and discrimination at our club will not be tolerated. Finally, it was an off day of Paul Pogba where he was not able to convert the penalty, otherwise, he is a legend of this game.


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