Martin Gortat in action ©️ Sportskeeda

FIBA World Cup is set to begin from 31st August in China. All teams will be reaching China to play the FIBA World Cup 2019. Just before the start of World Cup FIBA has announced the power rankings for the season.

FIBA announced the rankings where Serbia gained the top spot in the rankings and USA slipped to the second position. Now with the rankings announced they look different from the last edition by FIBA.

After Acropolis tournament was over FIBA announced the rankings where we get to know the following:

  • Serbia gains the top spot in the World rankings
  • The USA has slipped to the second position in the rankings table.
  • While Spain has been an improved team and they have been rewarded too with the third position.
  • Greece moves down to the fifth position in the table and they have some injuries issues to deal with right before the FIBA World Cup 2019.
  • France also gains the points in the table where they took the fourth position which was previously held by Spain.

Now rankings are out its crystal clear which team is in great nick and which team is suffering from bad form. Rankings can be a motivator as well as a demotivator for different teams with different perceptions. However, this World Cup is going to be a fascinating one as there are more than three contenders for the World Cup trophy in China.

The team which will perform better in the crunch situations will have a higher chance to get closer to the FIBA World Cup trophy and will have the chance to improve their rankings too.


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