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Ronaldo and Messi in action during the match between Juventus vs Barcelona ©️ Reuters

It’s been a debate for ages over legendary Footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi that who is the best among them in the history of football. Many fans, current and ex-footballers rate Ronaldo highly over Messi. And this happens due to the prolific decision making of Ronaldo at crunch situations. Yesterday was nothing different where he came out and decided to clear things about “Why he is different from Messi?”

In an interview with DAZN for a documentary, Cristiano Ronaldo once again showed why he is proud of his heroics in UEFA Champions League for years. He has ruled UEFA Champions League for years with different clubs. And he told DAZN why he is different from his great competitor Lionel Messi. Now he has become a star of new series being introduced on DAZN with Title “The Making of ” where he pointed out the differences between him and Messi.

During the interview with DAZN Ronaldo said that the major difference between him and Messi is that Ronaldo has played for several clubs and won the Champion League Trophies with different clubs. While Lionel Messi has played for Barcelona for his whole career and has 4 trophies to his name.

Ronaldo has played for Real Madrid, Manchester United and Juventus in last season. During the course of which he won the Champions League Trophy four times with Madrid, one time with Manchester United and with Juventus last season. Clearly shows the difference between the two legendary footballers.

If we go on to compare both of them statistically:-

  • Ronaldo has 126 goals to his name in 162 matches and 65 goals came in Knockout matches.
  • Messi has 112 goals to his name in 135 matches and just 46 goals came in Knockout matches.

So it stats clearly shows who is a better player during crunch situations where a senior player has to step up and take the responsibility and get the job done for their team.

At the end showing why Ronaldo is so classy player, he ended his talk with DAZN by praising his counterpart Messi and told why he is an excellent player. Moreover, he said Messi is just like him he wants to get his game improved year after year.


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