John Williams a local cricket Umpire in wales was hit by a cricket ball on his head while officiating a cricket match. John Williams was 80 years old and when the ball struck his head while umpiring in a local match he was immediately taken to University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff which was 100 miles away.

After he was taken to the hospital, doctors of University Hospital of Wales told that he was in a coma and they are trying their best to make him recover from the injury. But after a month of the incident, we heard this sad news coming from the hospital that Mr John Williams is officially no more in this world.

His other friend Umpire Merfyn John told Wales News that it was due to last-minute changes due to which John Williams was umpiring in that much otherwise he had to stand in there as an umpire. He also says that the players are so strong nowadays that umpires don’t have time to react to the situation at times and this was due to his late reaction that he is no more in the world.

This incident happened at Pembroke in West Wales where Pembroke was playing against Narbeth in a local league. John Williams was secretary of Hundelton Cricket CLub in Pembrokeshire and it is said that he had great relations with Pembrokeshire County Cricket Club.

In the morning we got to know about this sad news and all the boys of Pembrokeshire County Cricket club are with the Hilary (John William’s Wife) to support her mentally and financially.

There have been many cases of the ball hitting the umpires on their head and with technology advancements, many umpires have started using the protection gears. ICC should look into this and implement some measures for the safety of umpires otherwise we may tend to lose some great umpires in the near future.


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