The USA Basketball team hasn’t been at their best in this tournament so far and never looked like a runaway match-winner but somehow they have managed to win their all games till now. In the last game of the second round, USA managed to win against Brazil by a margin of 89-73 at Shenzhen Bay Sports Centre.

Now the USA Basketball Team is the team to beat in the tournament as they enter the Quarter Finals with a five-win streak which is yet to be broken in the tournament so far. They claimed their fifth win on the trot against Brazil in the second round of the tournament.

Brazil was playing harder in the first half of the game although USA’s Myle Turner gave them a much-needed start to the game. Brazilians were very effective with their rebounds in the first half and it was dominated by Vitor Benite who scored 15 points in the first  20 minutes.

After an astonishing first half, Brazil was under the pump for most of the second half as the USA team bounced back and gained the lead back. Kemba Walker and Myles combined to get 16 points under their belt. It resulted in the USA taking the game away from Brazil in crucial moments.

It was the third quarter of the match when the USA took the lead of 11 points and with that momentum, they won the game easily against fierce opponents Brazil. Myles Turner was the highest scorer of the match with 16 points, 8 rebounds and 2 steals for the USA team.

What Lies Ahead for Both the Teams in the Tournament

  • For USA:

At the moment everything looks settle for the USA Basketball team with five consecutive wins. They will move to Quarter Finals with good momentum against France.

  • For Brazil

USA’s win meant that Brazil has been knocked out of the tournament and the Czech Republic qualifies for the quarter-finals


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